E-Z ON AUTO TOPS, INC. warrants all its convertible tops, glass and plastic curtains to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our factory.

E-Z ON AUTO TOPS, INC. offers a sixty (60) month warranty on convertible tops and hard glass curtains,* and 12 months on associated products. (See additional information below). If a product should fail or be unacceptable due to manufacturing defects, any and all adjustments will be made on a pro-rata basis from time of installation.

E-Z ON AUTO TOPS, INC. reserves the right to determine if a warranty claim is valid. We may insist the item be returned to us for examination. Any abuse, misuse, or damage caused by incorrect installation or improper cleaning is the responsibility of the purchaser. All claims are calculated from date of installation. Proof of purchase (the original invoice) must be presented when a claim is made.


We guarantee our tops against failure of the material, such as cracking or delamination, excessive shrinkage** and severe discoloration. Guaranteed for 60 months.*

There is no warranty against breakage during and after installation. They are guaranteed against separation of the bond between the fabric and glass. The silicone hinge used on folding glass is guaranteed for 36 months, while the bond to the fabric and all other glass assemblies are guaranteed for 60 months.*

Plastic curtain assemblies are guaranteed only against separation of the bond between the fabric and the plastic as well as the zipper. We use plastic zippers in order to control corrosion. There is no warranty against scratching and/or discoloration of the plastic, nor breakage of the plastic (see warranty exclusions). Plastic will normally change color as it matures. Guaranteed for 12 months.

If a product is found to be defective during the first 12 months, a new product will be issued at no charge, plus a labor allowance which is determined by E-Z ON. If a product is found to be defective after the 12th month but prior to the 25th month, a new product will be issued, with no labor allowance. *If a product fails after the 25th month but prior to the 60th month, a new product will be issued on a pro-rata basis only.


Warranty claims must be submitted by authorized distributors only. Proof of purchase (original invoice) must accompany all warranty claims. Contact the distributor from whom you purchase your E-Z ON product to file a warranty claim. Distributors must obtain a return authorization (RA) number before returning any merchandise. E-Z ON Auto Tops, Inc will not be held responsible for any items returned without an RA number, and warranty coverage will not be applied to items returned without RA numbers.


All materials, whether cloth or vinyl, will experience some shrinkage and color fading due to the aging process of the material.

All tops, when folded down, must be covered by the boot cover in order to protect the underside of the fabric from sunlight (ultra violet rays). Failure to protect the backing will cause degradation of the backing material.

Folding and/or bending of the plastic curtain when the temperature is below 45 degrees (F) can cause fracture or breakage in the plastic. If a brass zipper is ordered, then there is no guarantee against corrosion of the zipper. All plastic curtains might experience some pitting or discoloration of the surface if they remain in the box for over 12 months.

There is no warranty against breakage during and after installation. There is no warranty against failure of the heat grid or heating elements on Heated Hard Glass windows after installation. Care should be taken when cleaning heated hard glass so that the heat grid and/or elements are not damaged.

All polyester threads will experience some levels of fading and deterioration over time.

Failure to install product as originally installed/designed may cause damage to the product. All E-Z ON products should be installed by experienced professionals only! Damage or improper fit resulting from incorrect installation will not be covered by warranty.

E-Z ON will not be responsible for damage to the product caused by a worn, misaligned or damaged top frame, or known design flaws by OEM Manufacturers. Vehicle manufacturers generally release Technical Service Bulletins outlining inherent problems with vehicles and recommend solutions. Technical Service Bulletins may be obtained from an authorized dealer or other sources such as AllData.com.

Any change in the product will void the warranty.

E-Z ON cannot be held responsible for damage caused by natural or severe atmospheric conditions.

Warranty applies only to the original purchaser. All claims must be submitted with the original invoices. There are no additional warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, beyond what is in this document.

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